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Why should I get a massage?

With a massage you will experience a relief from chronic muscular tension and pain, have increased joint flexibility, and feel a reduction of mental and physical fatigue and stress.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, you will be asked for a confidential health history form, which will help your therapist form your assesment. You and your therapist will work together to develop a treatment plan for a maximum benefit. Your massage takes place in an atmosphere of safety and confidence. It is a partnership between you and your therapist who will help you understand the process behind your pain and how you can work together to alleviate it. Your comfort during the treatment is of the utmost importance.

Do I have to take off all of my clothes?

Your personal comfort during a massage is the key to it's effectiveness. Remove only the clothing you are comfortable with removing. Traditional full body massage techniques are more effective when they aren't administered through the barrier of clothing, but you will be fully draped with no compromise of your modesty. Only the area being worked on will be uncovered. Before and after the treatment, you will undress and dress in private.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

To get the most out of your treatment it is recommended to express your feelings and tell your therapist what are your expectations. Depending on the problem, the source will be targeted and will be treated accordingly.

How will I feel after the massage, will it hurt?

After your massage, your body will feel relaxed and often experience freedom from long term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity.
The deep relaxation may leave your body slightly tired, but this feeling passes quickly leaving you with increased energy and greatest productivity.

Should I expect muscle soreness after a massage?

Some people, particularly patients who are new to a massage or those who request first time deep tissue work, may experience mildly sore muscles after a massage. However the soreness passes quickly (about a day or two), leaving you feeling much looser and relaxed. Drink plenty of water after a massage to help flush released toxins and minimize discomfort. Your therapist will gladly explain what to expect.

How many treatments will I need to notice an improvement?

It depends on the individual, his or her current state of general health and particular condition. Your therapist will suggest a treatment plan including number and frequency of visits. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

Is massage therapy covered by OHIP?

Massage therapy is not covered by OHIP, however many private and extended health care plans provide coverage. We can help you check your plan to determine if you are covered.

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