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Back2Back Therapy
Our goals are to optimize our patients health by treating intuitively with specific techniques. Whether it'll be gentle or a deep tissue massage, we work in a flowing manner always with the intent to provide a pleasurable and relaxing experience. We have learned a long time ago that we first have to listen to a patient needs before we can effectively treat. It has made us really care about what brought you to see us, rather than just rushing you.

Throughout your treatment, we work together with you so that you have an active role in your own recovery. We work in large sunlit therapy rooms. The setting itself promotes relaxation and joy, it also allows us to focus on one patient at a time. We always try to cater the appointments to both: early birds and night owls. Friendly atmosphere, mellow music, crispy clean sheets and best quality oils enhance your experience. You will find yourself drifting off into heavenly altered state with the sense of ease and well being.

Let us treat you the way we would like to be treated.
Iwona (Evonka) Dysput
Alternative health and healing art have inspired her for as long as she can remember. With a strong belief in natural healing Evonka has a greatest interest in nutrition, relaxation and fitness of body, mind, and soul.

With a rehabilitation background she feels that she has been able to incorporate those abilities into her practice.

After graduating from ICT Kikkawa College in 2000 she has worked in various settings, trying to find her niche.

Through many years of clinical experience Evonka has worked together with medical doctors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors and foot specialists, and enjoyed working in spas.
It has always been her desire to give and help others.

The experience of practicing with blind therapists made her aware of incredible connection between body, mind and soul, which is why she is so passionate about her career. Evonka is a lover of life and believes in quality versus quantity.

She is a committed practitioner who goes out of her way to ensure that her patients have the best possible care.
Antonio Marchese, RMT, D.O.M.P - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner - 5 years study
Antonio has an extensive background in Fitness and Physical Education. In addition to being Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and a Certified Personal Trainer,  he is an active member of the Ontario Massage Therapists Association.

He enjoys the assessment portion of massage therapy and always takes necessary time to assess the soft tissue and surrounding structures in order to piece together what underlying causes may be creating the discomfort. His carefully chosen techniques help relieve stress of repetitive strain injuries and promote long term wellness while facilitating healing.

In his focus to help people get back to a pain free lifestyle, he uses a variety of modalities which include Myofascial work, Trigger point therapy, range of motion stretching, joint mobilizations, Hydrotherapy, Swedish techniques, Aromatherapy and Hot stone therapy. Dedicated to excellence, Antonio continues to upgrade and expand his knowledge, but he's definitely more clinically minded. In order to expand his knowledge, Antonio has finished pursuing his dream to become an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.

He looks forward to working with patients in order to facilitate their transition back to an active and healthy life style.

At Back2Back Therapy Antonio’s techniques and advices are life changing. With the skillful guidance and steady encouragement he will help you reach your goals and feel stronger than ever. Antonio is a firm believer that eating healthy is critical to long term well being. He’s highly recommended to anyone who is serious about their physical well being.
Ying Tina Chang, RMT, Reflexology
Tina is a graduate from Massage Therapy Diploma program with honors at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. She also holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. Tina has treated a variety of conditions such as tension headaches, muscle strains and sprains, tendinitis and other overuse injuries. She also has done neuromuskuloskeletal massage with conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, migraines, TMJ dysfunctions and thorasic outlet syndrome.

Tina is an expert in deep tissue massage, reflexology, Indian head massage and Trigger point therapy. She is also certified Hot Stone Therapy practitioner.
Tina is a health enthusiast and is very passionate about massage therapy and the benefits it has on the human body, mind and overall wellbeing. 

At Back2Back Therapy Tina is eager to utilize a wide range of skills while enjoying the process of improving her patients health.
Leslie Vasquez, RMT
Leslie is a nurturing therapist who believes that connecting and listening to your body is the way to true healing. She has a friendly and intuitive personality which enhances her healing abilities.

Her personal approach asks the body to slowly change the frequency and patterns on which it feels pain or dysfunction, facilitating the body to wellness  and freedom in motion. She strongly believes that massage therapy is complementary to all levels of healing.

Leslie is passionate about continuing her education in order to improve her knowledge and skills to better treat her patients.

At Back2Back Therapy her intention is to help you heal by applying a variety of techniques tailored to your individual needs, in order to restore the body proper alignment. Some of the modalities include:

Myofascial treatments,
Trigger point therapy,
range of motion stretching,
joint mobilizations,
Swedish techniques,
Hot stone therapy,
Indian head massage
and Manual lymph drainage.
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