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Learn More About Acupuncture.


Acupuncture meaning to puncture very specific pressure parts of the body discovered and outlined by Chinese alternative therapy masters of 100BC. It was for centuries considered a secret to the eastern world and only adopted through texts found by European travelers after it spread to Korea.

Acupuncture however has many real world clinical practicalities including pain relief and a balancing of the body's key pressure points essential to the Ying-yang energy philosophy.

Many individuals fear the small needles used in this therapeutic treatment, however the width of an acupuncture needle is actually the same width of a human hair and can't bring pain while being inserted to the very specific pressure points. Equipment is also sterile and new with each treatment.

In the 1900's when France first discovered this ancient natural treatment it was raved as the natural cure to back pain and pain relief throughout the entire body, it was later brought to the west with much skepticism however still performed by many eastern therapeutic clinics.

Today you may currently have benefits that let you enjoy the benefits of acupuncture, it is best felt in person and brings a certain kind of healing that remains a testimonial by many who have been converted.

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